Safety Measurement Station-III (SMP-III)

Test Bench for Automatic Characterization of Power Semiconductors for Inverter in Traction Applications


  • Test Voltages up to 1.5 kV
  • Pulse Currents up to 2 kA
  • Safety up to Performance Level PLe
  • Expansion Options for Custom Test Requirements
  • SMP III – Temperature-Controlled for Cooling and Heating

Our innovative test bench for the automatic characterization of power semiconductors sets new standards in quality assurance and development of inverters for traction applications. The test bench can handle voltages up to 1.5 kV and pulse currents up to 2 kA, making it ideal for demanding tests and applications in the fields of electromobility.

Safety and Performance:

With a safety certification up to Performance Level PLe, our system ensures the highest safety standards when dealing with high voltages and currents. This not only protects operators but also the valuable components being tested.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Our test bench offers numerous expansion options to meet specific testing requirements of our customers. This makes the test bench extremely flexible and adaptable for a wide range of test protocols and scenarios.

Temperature Control with SMP III:

The integrated temperature control technology enables precise control of the test temperature, both for cooling and heating the test specimens.


This test bench is ideal for the automotive industry, particularly for manufacturers and suppliers of electric drive systems and inverters. Research institutions and development laboratories also benefit from the extensive testing capabilities and high precision of the system.

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