Welcome to the future of power electronics and measurement technology.

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Here you will find an insight into our competence. Some of our work is to be understood as a finished product, but most of it as an example of a solution. The exclusivity of many projects forbids us to show everything here. But believe us: Even more is possible!

Icon Elektronikentwicklung

Electronics development

In our electronic developments we handle currents and voltages in the range from nano to kilo. We are capable of analog and digital circuit technology as well as power electronics and integrate our electronics into the smallest installation spaces even under difficult thermal conditions.

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Icon Treiber für Leistungshalbleiter

Drivers for power semiconductors

We have been developing customer-specific gate drivers for over 18 years. In doing so, we follow an approach that is typical for Saxogy: By using adaptive circuit topologies and consistently avoiding highly integrated components, we create solutions that can be flexibly adapted to future component supply situations. This ensures the permanent availability of the respective solutions.

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Icon Prüfstände und Ausrüstung

Test benches and equipment

We develop and build test equipment for the production and the test of power electronics components and assemblies. This includes equipment for testing thyristors, IGBTs, capacitors and resistors, but also complete inverter systems. We are able to cover all disciplines that are required for the development and production of test equipment.

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Icon Forschung, Tests, Prüfung

Research, Testing, Verification

We want to find it out! Don’t you?

Where is the limit? Why does this limit exist? What happens if I cross the line? Why did I cross the line? These are all questions to which we seek an answer. Of course, we also work out solutions to move this limit.

We want to know – so do you! Here is an insight into the topic of research, tests and testing →