What do we offer?

When you think of power electronics, the first thing that comes to mind are fat busbars, massive heat sinks and hot semiconductors that try to tame the current. Of course, there is always a printed circuit board that manages the system. We like to expand our thinking about power electronics. For us, in addition to these topics, there are also the many peripheral areas that make the system complete. Systems have to be defined, tested, manufactured and maintained. For all these areas we are your competent partner. To have a better understanding of what is possible, you should have a look at our products and solutions. Surely you will be inspired and understand us as the ideal partner for the realization of your exclusive project.

Grafiken Leistungen, Disziplinen, Prozess


From the vision to the finished product we offer a complete service.

You got the idea – we help you to turn it into reality. We offer our support throughout the entire process, but also just for individual phases. You decide how long we will accompany you.

  • Consulting
  • Conceptual design
  • Planning
  • Design & Development
  • Manufacturing & Implementation
  • Support
Grafiken Leistungen, Disziplinen, Prozess


Our diversity is the key to your complete solution.

Since we don’t just speak power electronics but also other languages, we deliver complete systems out of one hand. In this way, we help you avoid the effort involved in coordinating complex projects.

  • Power electronics
  • Analog & digital electronics
  • Mechanics & fluid technology
  • Control technology & safety
  • Software
Grafiken Leistungen, Disziplinen, Prozess


We evaluate existing solutions and realize new alternatives.

For many tasks there exist usable solutions. Of course, we try to execute your task with existing solutions. However, one often reaches limits, so that new approaches have to be developed and tested. New approaches – that’s what we love! We rethink the well-known in such a way that it becomes something unusual.

  • Feasibility studies & evaluations
  • Implementation with established technologies
  • Adaptation & improvement of existing concepts
  • Development of new approaches to known solutions

We look forward to your challenges!
SAXOGY precise. safe. adaptive.


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