We make Power Electronics manageable.

precise I safe I adaptive

We make Power Electronics manageable.

precise I safe I adaptive

Our Safety Technology

Whether electronics development, drivers for power semiconductors, test benches, safety measuring stations or safety environments – our safety technology is characterised by a very high degree of integration and customisability.

The compact design allows all our test environments to be awarded the highest performance level e.

Thanks to modular components, our test equipment can be ideally adapted to the task at hand and can be converted for future tasks, sometimes in just a few simple steps.

Our customers come to us when they cannot find any other solution on the market. Because for us, “can’t” just means: “It doesn’t work YET.”


We understand challenges and generate innovative solutions so that others can work more safely and concentrate on the essentials.

This is how we create clear competitive advantages for our customers.

Does your request have anything to do with

power electronics?

Then you’ve come to the right place!
We accompany you through the process from start to finish. We work on topics ranging from Ampere energy to Zth

We have been setting standards since 2004.

Our Services

Since 2004, we at SAXOGY POWER ELECTRONICS have been setting the standards in the fields of test equipment, safety technology and electronics for power electronic components as well as power electronics itself. Our many years of experience and our commitment to sustainability and quality have enabled us to develop devices, systems, electronics and safety concepts that meet the highest standards.

  • Automatic production test systems
  • Laboratory measurement technology
  • Development and demonstration platforms
  • Development and test systems (hardware, software, HiL)
  • Development environments for test systems
  • Software for specific applications
  • Technical consulting services
  • Driver circuits for gate control
  • Chokes
  • Water cooling systems

precise | safe | adaptive

Products and Solutions

Our products are characterised by their outstanding quality, long service life and reliable safety. We at SAXOGY® are convinced that nature is a valuable model for technological innovation. We therefore orientate ourselves on the principles of nature in order to integrate intuitive operability, simple maintenance and high scalability into our solutions.

We speak power electronics.

From the User for the User

Our team understands the challenges our customers face – because we are users ourselves. We pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions that allow you to work more safely and concentrate on your own core tasks. We attach great importance to ensuring that our products not only meet the highest quality standards, but also create a clear competitive advantage for you.

With us, everything revolves around your DUT.

Customers and Industries

Our test equipment, safety technology, electronics and control technology for power electronics components and power electronics themselves set standards in various industries.

News — Dates and more

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    The time has come – PCIM 2024 is opening its doors.

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    PCIM 2024: Welcome to the future of power electronics.

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