SAXOGY Team 2023

We understand challenges and develop innovative solutions for our customers to work more safely and to focus on their core business. This is how we create clear competitive advantages for our customers.

Since 2004, SAXOGY POWER ELECTRONICS GmbH has been setting benchmarks in the areas of test equipment, safety technology and electronics for power electronic components as well as power electronics itself.

Our devices, systems, electronics and safety concepts impress with their high quality, long service life and highest safety standards. In addition, intuitive operability, easy maintenance and high scalability characterize our results.

Our customers are active in the automotive, electronic components, energy and transportation industries. Especially R&D departments appreciate our customized, highly differentiated, non-standard solutions.

The SAXOGY® team, consisting of 30 experienced and dedicated employees, works daily with passion in the areas of: Electronics, Mechanics, Fluid, Software and Safety. We love to tackle and solve demanding challenges for you.
We examine common approaches to solutions and, if necessary, develop new concepts. Within the scope of feasibility studies, we check their suitability and develop them into market-ready solutions.

Thus we offer you the complete package: from the idea to the finished product as well as its support – all from one source. This saves costs and time.

We look forward to your challenges!​

SAXOGY® precise. safe. adaptive.

Our teams

SAXOGY Team 2023 Design

Design team

SAXOGY Team 2023 Elektronikentwicklung und Fertigung

Electronics development and production team

SAXOGY Team 2023 Anlagen- und Gerätefertigung

System and device manufacturing team

Our customers – energy, industry, research and mobility

Our test equipment, safety technology, electronics and control technology for power electronics components and power electronics itself set benchmarks in various industries.

Chemnitz Panorama - Photo: Dirk Janus

Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany

SAXOGY® has purposely chosen the traditional location of Chemnitz as its company headquarter. A brief look at the eventful history of this unique city should clarify the reasons for this.

Photo: Dirk Hanus

The first documented record of Chemnitz dates back to the year 1143, revealing that a few years earlier some monks founded the Benedictine monastery of St. Mary at the “locus Kamenicz” with the permission of Emperor Lothar III. Certainly, those clergymen did not foresee that their settlement would develop into one of the most prosperous and important German towns in the following centuries. The city owed this rise primarily to its industry, which was to become a market leader, especially in the mechanical engineering and textile sectors.

An early but decisive factor in this economic rise was the granting of the bleaching privilege in 1357, which made the city the center of regional linen weaving. At about the same time, metal processing was started in Chemnitz. Despite several city fires, wars and the plague ravaging Europe, which also struck Chemnitz several times, the city continued to prosper and was to experience its greatest upswing with the onset of the industrial revolution in the first half of the 19th century. The Saxon machine factory and the Wanderer Werke are just two examples of production facilities whose products were exported worldwide and thus helped establish the city’s reputation as an industrial metropolis. Furthermore, due to the constantly increasing demand for labor, the number of inhabitants grew steadily and it was assumed that Chemnitz would inevitably become a city of millions. In addition to the large number of factories, the city had banks, theaters, an university, train stations, an airport and a stock exchange and had gained so much importance over the years that during the Second World War it was even classified by the Allies as decisive for the war, which sealed the end of the Saxon metropolis.

Already with the onset of the world economic crisis, the growth of Chemnitz’ industry began to stagnate, which was then brought to an abrupt end by the war and the large-scale bombing on March 5, 1945, that destroyed almost 95 % of the city center.

During the time of the GDR, the city could not regain its former prosperity. Since the German reunification, however, a rather positive development can be observed and SAXOGY feels obliged to continue shaping it. In and around Chemnitz, areas are being developed where more and more industry is settling. Especially in the surrounding of the Technical University research and development centers are growing.

Committed to the wonderful tradition of the city, we want to contribute to this upswing. Therefore, we have intentionally chosen Chemnitz as a location to manufacture innovative and high-quality products that meet the highest standards of our customers.

We look forward to your challenges!​
SAXOGY precise. safe. adaptive.


Dittesstr. 15, 09126 Chemnitz, Germany