Power semiconductor drivers
printed circuit board electronic design
electronic test equipment

We build power semiconductor drivers,
printed circuit boards and electronic test equipment.


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Our focus lies on high quality and reliability in electronics.
Our success is based on:

  • 20 years of electronics development
  • 15 years of test equipment construction
  • 10 years of experience with high-performance converters and drivers
  • 5 years mechanical design and software development

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Among other things, our service includes:

  • Customer-specific electronics development and circuit board design
  • Development of test procedures and test equipment for power electronic components
  • Development and distribution of driver circuits for high-power semiconductors
  • Construction of testing devices and development of user interfaces

The fields of activity mentioned here are some of the highlights of our range of services. The portfolio of our offered services consists mainly of the combination of different disciplines. We will be happy to provide you with solutions that are optimally suited to your problems.