Test benches and equipment

We develop and build test equipment for the production and the test of power electronics components and assemblies. This includes equipment for testing thyristors, IGBTs, capacitors and resistors, but also complete inverter systems. We are able to cover all disciplines that are required for the development and production of test equipment.

Secure test environments for maximum security.

Voltages that are dangerous to touch are a serious risk in power electronics. With our specialised test stations, we offer you and your team a safe test environment that meets the highest safety standards.

Our test environments are designed to ensure precise measurements and reliable results. Whether it’s small tests or extensive testing of your assemblies, for example with temperature control options – we have the right test station for every challenge in power electronics.

  • Test benches and equipment
    • Test benches
    • Safety equipment
    • Special systems
    • Equipment
      • Load chokes
      • Thermal management
      • Power management

Test benches

Safety equipment

Special systems


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