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Since 2004, SAXOGY has been setting benchmarks in the areas of test equipment, safety technology and electronics for power electronic components as well as power electronics itself.

Our devices, systems, electronics and safety concepts impress with their high quality, long service life and highest safety standards. In addition, intuitive operability, easy maintenance and high scalability characterize our results.

We understand challenges and develop innovative solutions for our customers to work more safely and to focus on their core business. This is how we create clear competitive advantages for our customers.

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Our services

Your matter has something to do with power electronics? Then we are the right partner for you!

We will support you in the process from the beginning to the end. We handle topics from shutdown energy to Zth.

Our products & solutions

Here you will not find a standard product. You will rather discover already developed solutions, which could be the inspiration for the realization of your project.

We invite you to have a look at a selection of products and solutions in our gallery.

Other services

  • Automatic production test systems
  • Laboratory measurement equipment
  • Development and demonstration platforms
  • Development and test systems (hardware, software, HiL)
  • Development environments for test systems
  • Software for specific applications
  • Technical consulting services
  • Driver circuits for gate control
  • Chokes
  • Water cooling systems

product categories

Safety measurement station SMP-V – SAXOGY
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Test benches and equipment

We develop and build test equipment for the production and the test of power electronics components and assemblies. This includes equipment for testing thyristors, IGBTs, capacitors and resistors, but also complete inverter systems. We are able to cover all disciplines that are required for the development and production of test equipment.

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Drivers for power semiconductors

Our developments are characterized by the use of standard components and the avoidance of ASICs and programmable logic. This allows us to achieve high availability and reproducibility of the driver assemblies. Our layouts are designed with a high degree of interference immunity and a well-balanced thermal design.

Gatetreiber für Thyristoren - Einkanalig - SAXOGY

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Electronics development

In our electronic developments we handle currents and voltages in the range from nano to kilo. We are capable of analog and digital circuit technology as well as power electronics and integrate our electronics into the smallest installation spaces even under difficult thermal conditions.

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Research, testing, validation

We want to find it out! Don’t you?

Where is the limit? Why does this limit exist? What happens if I cross the line? Why did I cross the line? These are all questions to which we seek an answer. Of course, we also work out solutions to move this limit.

Forschung, Tests, Prüfung

Our customers – energy, industry, research and mobility

Our test equipment, safety technology, electronics and control technology for power electronics components and power electronics itself set benchmarks in various industries.


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