Variable, pulse-resistant load coils

A special type of load chokes are switchable, single-phase load chokes for double-pulse tests. Due to high pulse currents, we design the systems completely without an iron core as an air core coil. Depending on the level of the pulse current and the associated magnetic forces, the chokes are wound in cylindrical or toroidal form. Variable chokes are available with manually changeable, pneumatically operated or electrical changeover contacts.

Of course, the systems are designed according to your requirements. In joint discussions, we understand your challenge and find optimal solutions. Terms like parallel capacitance, mirror currents or magnetic forces are well known to us.

Due to our experience with pulse currents up to the MA range, such systems will then no longer break down. Among other things, we use materials from pyrotechnics and process them with elastic stiffness into a long-lasting test equipment.

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