HV Pulse Generator to stress Insulation Systems

After two years of development, our dU/dt generator is now ready for market launch.

Primarily, the generator is used to stress insulation materials to determine their lifetime. For this purpose the amplitude, the frequency and the voltage slope can be adjusted over a wide range to enable a test environment close to the application.

Due to faster switching components, traditional solutions are reaching their limits. To avoid overloading our system and risking its destruction, it has been designed as a multi level system and developed with a strict isolation approach. While not exceeding the standard usage level of the components, we attain voltage slopes that are often multiple times greater than usual.

Sophisticated circuit topologies ensure efficient recharging, highly effective short circuit protection and precise adjustability of the voltage slope. The generators are parameterized based on your custom requirements to achieve an optimal system.

Furthermore, we also provide complete system solutions in addition to the HV Pulse Generator. This includes for example the integration of an oven for environmental simulation, as well as comprehensive safety and measuring equipment.

Example of the adjustable voltage slope for a three-level system

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