LSS-X Modular Safety System for High-Voltage Laboratories

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LSS-x 2023 - SAXOGY

The purpose of a safety system is to control the flow of media into and inside the test field. This primarily concerns the flow of electrical energy between the mains and the power supplies, but also between the power supplies and the DUTs. The movement of persons into and within the test field is also part of the media flow, even without clairvoyant abilities. This competence in particular is not needed, because when and where something flows is monitored and controlled by individual safety modules up to a performance level PLe. For example, the high-voltage system can only be started if the access is securely locked and no persons are inside the test field. The energy flow between the various levels is controlled by means of high-performance contactors. Discharges and grounding systems provide energy release. After performing a high-voltage test, it is only possible to access the test field when it has been reliably determined that no voltage is present.

The new, modular LSS-X laboratory safety system operates according to the master-slave principle. The master manages the external media flows and performs the visualization. Variably connectable slave components monitor the internal hazards. Thus, for each high voltage potential a slave is available. No matter how complex your test setup may be, no touch-hazardous potentials remain hidden behind semiconductors.

Poster LSS-X Laboratory Safety System

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