Thyristor Controlled Precharging and Rectification

This project is a good example of our expertise in thyristor control and complex hardware issues. The goal was to precharge a 1 MW converter from the AC grid and supply it permanently during operation. The rectifier consisted of thyristors, precharging resistors were not allowed. Sounds simple at first, but when the range of allowed components is then reduced to a level that may have been available in the 80s, things look different. At this point our strengths come into play: if no programmable logic is available, if no special IC’s are allowed, then the task must be understood exactly and solutions must be found with the simplest possibilities.

In addition to excellent driver output stages for the thyristors, the board has a sophisticated power supply, because as is to be expected in a harsh environment, nothing can be relied upon. Also the mixed analog-digital part is quite demanding. When you have to respond to a wide variety of scenarios, it requires complex functional linking.

What the project has shown is that we’re not 80s style, but we’re able to handle the “old school”, even though the average age of the engineers was 29!!

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