Safety Measuring System for Rack Mounting (SMR)

Welcome to the future of testing.

Is your space limited to a 19″ rack? Then we have just what you are looking for! Our SMR – the safety measurement box for 19″ rack mounting – offers you a compact and powerful solution for your measurement needs. With its optimal size, it fits perfectly into your rack and at the same time offers all the functions you need to test your DUTs safely and efficiently. Discover the versatility and performance of our SMR and optimize your test environment today.

Safety and performance in one! With our rack-mounted safety measurement box (SMR), you can rely on a high-quality solution for your measurement requirements (safety up to performance level PLe).

Installed in a 19″ rack, it offers you the opportunity for precise characterization of semiconductor components up to 2,500 VDC. Thanks to our sophisticated technology, you are optimally protected from the dangers of hazardous voltages in terms of control technology. Rely on the proven quality of our SMR for your demanding tasks.

Discover our SMR: Innovation meets safety!

With our SMR – the safety measuring box for 19″ rack mounting – you can count on the highest quality and reliability. The test chamber not only offers optimal dimensions, but also numerous intelligent functions that simplify your work processes.

From the insertable ESD tray to the integrated smoke detector and a connection to an external extraction system – we have considered everything to offer you a safe test environment.

Discover the future of measurement technology with our SMR!

For us, your safety is our top priority! That’s why we see safety measurement technology as a dynamic product that is continuously being further developed – in order to meet your specific requirements.

Our SMR is flexible and adaptable, allowing us to integrate your individual requirements as features. Whether it’s additional safety measures, special measuring functions or other customizations, we look forward to meeting your needs and providing you with the best possible solution. Discover the versatility of our SMR and let us work together on your safety!

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