Safety Measurement Cabin (SMK) Modular

Our previous solutions for the safety measurement cabin were of a monolithic design, which required each safety measurement cabin to be custom designed and assembled by our team at the customer’s site.

At that time, nobody imagined that we would soon be delivering worldwide. This positive development for us caused us to redesign the system and, while maintaining the same quality and function, to create additional value for you as a customer. As it has become apparent in recent years, the power electronics market is growing faster than expected. Thus, our customers are repeatedly confronted with expansions or even relocations of the laboratory facilities.

Our new system consists of modules with a grid size of 25 cm. The assembly of the cabin can be done by our customers themselves and moreover is easier than that of some Scandinavian furniture.

And what doesn’t fit will be made to fit! In this way, we design and manufacture, of course, any special solution it takes to achieve your goal.

Finally, the finished safety measuring cabin is combined with a Laboratory Safety System (LSS). This will complete your safe high-voltage test field.

Contact us and we will design the optimal system for you.

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