Sicherheitsmessbox SMB – SAXOGY

Safety Measurement Box (SMB)

The compact, lockable safety measurement box for experiments with voltage dangerous to touch enables even untrained personnel to work safely. This is why educational institutions and universities preferably use our SMB.

The box includes an automatic discharge for DC links. The unlocking only takes place when it has been reliably determined that no voltage is present. In the spacious interior, there is enough room to place a DUT as well as the necessary measurement equipment. External devices can be connected via lead-throughs. For maximum safety the interior is completely insulated.

As most of our products, the safety measurement box is expandable according to customer specifications and can be configured to fit exactly to your requirements.

The measurement box is designed as a tabletop unit and can be supplemented by a wide range of accessories. Among these are switchable, remote-controlled inductive loads for double-pulse tests or customized racks for housing external devices.

Currently the measurement box is available for 2,500 VDC and 10 mF. We are working on the 6,500 VDC class!

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