Lastdrossel 2023 - SAXOGY

Load Choke – Inductive Load

Lastdrossel 2023 - SAXOGY

Space-saving, quiet, efficient

Inverters can be tested on rotating machines or even much easier on spare load chokes. We do not force you into a fixed setting. Our solutions are perfectly tailored to your needs. Of course, you can also choose from the multitude of cost-effective, already realized types. In addition, we offer various measuring and monitoring interfaces, demand-oriented and noise-minimized heat dissipation and optimum safety at all times.

We design and manufacture systems according to your needs in a way like we would work with them later ourselves. We contribute innovative ideas or challenge requirements in order to enhance the conceptual phase from different perspectives. You benefit from our knowledge gained from a wide range of projects and the high quality of the components used.

In the end, you receive a “toy” that brings joy for a long time….

Lastdrossel 2023 - SAXOGY

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