Halbbrücke HB-1000 - SAXOGY

Load Change Test Equipment

Halbbrücke HB-1000 - SAXOGY

Who survives longer – the test equipment or the DUT?

Of course, we wanted to have this question answered in our favor. The MOSFET H-bridge is used for alternating current and thus for cyclic heating of DUTs. The temperature strokes have the effect of greatly shortening the service life. In this way, among other things, comparisons of different assembly techniques can be derived. However, to ensure that the test equipment does not fail prematurely as a result of the cyclic load, it must only be exposed to low thermal stresses.

Halbbrücke HB-1000 - SAXOGY

The system shown is an example from our device construction, in which we develop and manufacture devices for our test stands but also for customers.

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