Capacitive Energy Storage Systems

For the characterization of semiconductors by double-pulse experiments, two types of energy storage are always required. On the one hand, the load choke as a current-carrying coil forms the energy storage during the pulses, on the other hand, the DC link capacitor represents a further storage for the time before and after the pulse. For the characterization of single-chip setups, a handy DC link capacitor is usually sufficient. However, this changes as soon as the operating points of current and voltage reach significantly four-digit values.

For high-power semiconductors up to 6.5 kV and short-circuit currents in the four- to five-digit ampere range, we develop variable capacitor racks. As with almost all our solutions, we also work here according to customer-specific requirements. The result are robust, pulse-resistant and user-friendly capacitor racks.

This particular system can be charged up to 5.6 kV with an energy content of 133 kJ. The interconnection is designed with particularly low inductance. By means of adjustable rails, the inductance value can be adapted to the target application.

Of course, we also construct suitable discharge systems for capacitive energy storage devices up to 500 kJ or more!

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